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Volunteer Spotlight on Rachel

My interest in TE stems from my passion to help underserved

and underrepresented people in the community.

I am currently working towards a Masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies at CMU, which is where I first heard about TE from Paul. It immediately sounded like something I want to be a part of, so I signed up to be a volunteer and am so thankful I did. The group of people who I met through TE, although we may be a small group right now, are some of the most genuinely good and passionate people I have met.

Toilet Equity, to me, is a form of non-medical care that provides an incredibly important service to a population of people who need it. Every human being has the right to a clean and private toilet. Especially since the Covid shutdown, I did not realize the impact of having a private toilet can have on so many people without one.

I am thankful to everyone in TE who put this passion into play and hope to see it continue to grow and touch the lives of our community. 

This post was originally published in our December 2023 newsletter.

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