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Giving a S.H.I.T.

Safe, Healthy, Innovative Toilets


"Creating equitable toilet access for those without, in service of community and environmental health"

A community's health depends on the individuals that make it up and their relationships with each other. We strive to help our users be the healthiest humans they can be, starting with a very crucial pillar of dignity and safety: a toilet.


The health of the community is evidenced by how those without resources are treated by the whole. We work from the ground up to show that everyone deserves a place to do their business. 

Finally, our toilets help reduce "waste" (nothing is waste in our book!) and reduce the environmental hazards that open defecation poses to local water sources and recreation areas. 



Having to duck into an alley or squat in a field to defecate is stressful and potentially dangerous. Everyone should have reliable access to a toilet. We create toilet solutions for people living without access.

Our toilets provide a private place behind a locked door for users to do their business. They are available at any time of day, removing the need for users to schedule their food and water around when a public restroom is open.  

Gender Equity

Girls, women, and trans people bear a disproportionately greater safety and health burden from toilet access. We create toilets in which people who need to can privately and hygienically manage menstruation. 

We encourage users to add their used menstrual products to our toilets. We don't believe that it is equitable to ask that users who menstruate carry these used products to a separate site to dispose of them. Instead, we sift out any remnants from the final compost.


Public Health

Fecal contamination of water and soil causes human disease. This poses a health risk to those who live and recreate nearby. We provide necessary toilet access, reducing open defecation and urination.

Resource Recycling

No by-product is truly "waste." We isolate feces from water and soil and turn a by-product of human existence into a usable product by composting feces and urine with sawdust.

At the end, we have a usable product made out of something that would otherwise have just been pumped away.

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Want to help? 
Host a Toilet

Connect us with a local business or organization who would be willing to host one of our toilets!

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