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Compost Toilets

Our toilets recycle our natural byproducts into a nutrient-dense compost that can be used to fertilize plants, stop erosion, or suppress weeds.

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Step 1

Nature Calls

First, you use the toilet like usual, except you toss in a layer of sawdust instead of flushing. In service of gender equity, we also encourage users to toss in their used feminine hygiene products too, which we strain out of the finished compost later.

Step 2

Odor Control

Sawdust is high in carbon, which balances out nitrogen-rich poop and pee, and covers up any smell. It also begins the composting process right at the toilet. 

Step 3

Hand Sanitizer

We provide our own proprietary blend of glycerin, benzalkonium chloride, and distilled water for a non-alcoholic hand sanitizer. Our blend changes with the seasons to provide the cleanest feel while remaining non-freezing.

Step 4

Making Compost

When the bin is full, our volunteers add it to our compost pile. There, it gets covered in straw and composted. 


Step 5

Clean Dirt

The compost pile gets over 131°F, killing all bacteria and viruses within three days.

Learn about the composting process on our blog

Our toilets result in nutrient-rich compost, ready to return to the Earth, in just one year.

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