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Join Us

Thank you to our enthusiastic volunteers! 

Your efforts help us build and maintain toilets for the community,

helping ensure equitable toilet access for those without.

"Volunteering with TE provides a very special opportunity to help a vulnerable population. From my perspective, these toilets primarily serve our homeless population. The majority of my experiences with this population have been very positive and they are very thankful for our work. I think that what we do makes a big impact in a small amount of time!"

- Jada M.

  Grand Junction, CO


Our maintenance volunteers round on our toilets daily to ensure they are clean, safe, and fully stocked. 

Volunteers can sign up for a routine day of the week, or as their schedule permits.


Our building volunteers work with us to build, paint, and install our toilets at host sites. 

Volunteers can sign up to be on our mailing list for the next build opportunity.

"Volunteering with TE is very flexible! I love that I can sign up for shifts that work for my schedule and that I can go anytime of day. If someone wants to volunteer but has a variable or busy schedule, I think this is an awesome opportunity!"

- Maintenance Volunteer

  Grand Junction, CO

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