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Fostering Change

Our Mission

Creating equitable toilet access for those without, in service of community and environmental health

Our Vision

In our world:

Everyone has access to a clean toilet, providing toilet privacy.

Those who need to can hygienically manage menstruation.

Human feces never contaminates water or soil, reducing the occurrence of fecal-oral disease.

Fecal energy is recycled back to the land through aerobic composting .

Our Values

We strive to honor the four principles of Toilet Equity
- Dignity, Gender Equity, Public Health, and Resource Recycling -


  1. Empathy: We believe that any of us could be wearing another person’s shoes.  We work to understand those shoes to compassionately support each person.

  2. Respect: We understand that every person has equal value.  We seek to find the worth in each person.

  3. Competence: Everyone has skills.  We foster the most skillful version of each individual.

  4. Accountability: We hold ourselves to our stated goals.

  5. Creativity: We know there is a vast set of ideas and endeavor to remain open minded, always seeking to find synergy in the possibilities.

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