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Volunteer Spotlight on Maria

Hello! I’m Maria, a passionate and dedicated woman who is currently pursuing a Master of Physician Assistant Studies at Colorado Mesa University. I proudly serve as the Community Outreach Chair. It's not just a title; it's a commitment to fostering connections between our program and the community.

My journey in healthcare spans over a decade, with work experience at both St. Mary’s and Community hospital. This rich experience has been my greatest teacher, shaping not only my professional outlook but also instilling in me a deep sense of community responsibility. Growing up in Grand Junction, I have witnessed the ever-increasing unhoused population and the toll that our natural resources have taken due to lack of proper resources. Toilet Equity was presented to our class as a volunteer opportunity and I knew right away how valuable the organization would be to everyone in our community, not just the unhoused.

My husband and I enjoy being outdoors and especially love fishing and spending time along the Colorado River. We started volunteering with TE since the first toilet was put into use and will continue to promote and support the mission. Toilet Equity aims to help a vulnerable population and keep our beautiful landscapes clean. Volunteering with Toilet Equity has been a rewarding experience for us. We are excited to see it grow!  

This post was originally published in our November 2023 newsletter.

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