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Hiring a Project Manager

Toilet Equity has hired our first Project Manager!

Wendy will coordinate our Colorado River Corridor Project, overseeing volunteers, bringing in new hosts, and managing our current toilets.

We are very excited to have her join the team!

Following a 30-year career in Long Term Care as a Nursing Home Administrator, Wendy turned her sights from healthcare to Aquaponic farming and relocated to the Grand Valley in 2018. Not long ago, valuable fish poop provided most of the nutrients for her thriving aquaponic market garden of lettuce and greens in a controlled environment located in a 4800 square foot metal building supported by solar power.  Her passion was strong, and her lettuce was tasty and healthy. 

Alas, the winter weather in Loma proved fatal for the farm as the roof collapsed on New Years’ Eve 2021.    

Volunteer work was her next natural service path as she got involved with Church leadership, Mutual Aid Partners food distribution, Catholic Charities soup kitchen, and the We Shelter program organized by GV Peace and Justice. Working for Toilet Equity flowed naturally as her interest in serving those in need developed as her new passion.

Wendy is a graduate from Emory University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  Her free time is spent taking her dog Radar on long walks, nurturing her flock of chickens, and, most recently, working on her pool game.

This post was originally published in our January 2024 newsletter.

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