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Call to Action!

How can you help support Toilet Equity this month?

Participate in Colorado Gives Day!

Today is Colorado Gives Day! That means today is the last day to get your recurring donation matched and boost the portion we get of the Incentive Fund.

When you create a recurring donation today (even if you cancel it on January 6th!), your first donation will be matched by our own in-house matching grant, and your second donation will be matched by the Colorado Gives Foundation. This means that a donation today of $25 is really a donation of over $100!

Don’t have the extra cash this year? We have a fundraiser template ready for you to use (only three clicks!), and you can even customize it with your own story. Peer-to-peer fundraising like this can be more effective than direct donations, especially when people hear why the cause you’re promoting is important to you. What is your toilet story? What brought you to the TE community?

This post was originally published in our December 2023 newsletter.

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