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We are gearing up for Colorado Gives Day here at Toilet Equity! In the coming month, you’ll see our campaign unfold across social media. We wanted to give you a sneak peek of the highlights, as well as one consolidated place with all the information. As you plan any end-of-year donations you want to make this year, we hope you’ll keep us in mind.

The Colorado Gives Foundation is providing several ways for you to boost your impact with your donation this year. With your help, we can make even more progress towards our mission to provide equitable toilet access for those without, in service of community and environmental health.

The short story is: if you’re going to make just one donation this Colorado Gives season, the best time to do it is on

November 20th 

and set it up as a recurring donation (even if you plan to cancel it on December 21st).

If you are able to donate even $5 on November 20th and set it up to recur again on December 20th, you’ll really be donating over $20! Your November 20th donation will be matched by our personal matching grant, your December donation will be matched by Colorado Gives, and your initial donation will get us a portion of the Incentive Fund! That means that a two-month recurring donation of $25 is really a donation of over $100!

The longer story is that there are many wonderful ways to maximize your impact this giving season, which we’ve described below:

New Nonprofit Competition for $5,000

November 1-December 4

Early Giving has already begun! As a new nonprofit, this year only we are eligible for a $5,000 award that goes to the new nonprofit that raises the most money during Early Giving. You can keep track of our progress on the new nonprofit leaderboard.

Recurring Donation Match

November 20-December 5

When you set up a recurring donation with us, Colorado Gives will match your second month’s donation, up to $100! This match is only available until they reach $250,000 in matches, so it’s better to act early.

Trivia Contest for $1,000

November 27-December 1

Colorado Gives Day is partnering with FirstBank to host a trivia competition, and the winners get to direct $1000 to a nonprofit of their choice! There will be two questions each day, and winners will be selected within two hours of posting the question. Check out all the fun on FirstBank’s Facebook page and nominate us if you win!

Your Donation Counts for More

November 1-December 5

Every donation made during the entire Colorado Gives period will be boosted by the Inventive Fund! All nonprofits receive a percentage of the fund based on how much we raise through Colorado Gives. So, no matter how much you are able to donate, you’re really giving more.

Matching Grant

November 1-December 5

Thanks to our very own Paul Padyk, Founder and Board Chair of Toilet Equity, your donation will be doubled this giving season! Paul has offered a matching grant for each donation made during Colorado Gives, up to $1500!

Colorado Gives makes it even easier for you to donate, since they accept IRAs, Donor Advised Funds, wire transfers, and stocks. Check out their site to learn more.

This post was originally published in our November 2023 newsletter.

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