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Creating equitable toilet access
for those without,
in service of community and environmental health

We install our compost toilets in areas of need to help provide toilet access. We believe that equitable toilet access - meaning 24/7, accessible to all - is an essential pillar of human dignity and safety.


The Toilets

We use compost toilets to help provide access in places that a pump truck can't get.


With our daily dose of sawdust, there's no odor and no flies. 


The Equity

Equitable toilet access is crucial for human safety and dignity. 

Everyone deserves a safe, private place to do their business.


Toilet Stories

Everyone has a Toilet Story.

Read ours. Share yours.

Our Donors

Many thanks to our generous donors. Your contributions help us build and maintain toilets for the community, helping ensure equitable toilet access for those without. 

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