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2023 in Review

Our annual report is in!

Read the whole report (it’s worth it, we promise) on our website,

or keep scrolling for the highlights.

We met our goal for seven toilets in 2023!

Four are currently in active use, with three more awaiting their final touches before installation.

Over 700 volunteer hours!

Many, many thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers,

we would not be where we are today without you!

Our toilets are volunteer-built and volunteer-maintained.

Our volunteers do everything from picking up building materials, to painting and assembling our toilets, to rounding on them each day.

We really value that our toilets get hands-on love every day!

Over $35,000 raised!

We received grants from Rocky Mountain Health Foundation, Western Colorado Community Fund, and St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation, in addition to private donations from 31 individual donors, along with in-kind donations including sawdust, hay, and warehouse space. Our toilets are entirely donor-funded, many thanks to our generous donors!

This year we also:

Developed use-education materials to better communicate how to use a compost toilet

Continued to grow our compost pile

Built partnerships in our community

Recovered quickly from a fire

Developed a host program to work with local businesses

Designed three options for our toilets to best fit the needs of the host and users

Thank you to all of our volunteers, donors, and supporterswho made our success this year possible. 

We are very excited to continue working with you in 2024to continue providing equitable toilet access for those without, in service of community and environmental health.

This post was originally published in our January 2024 newsletter.

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