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Toilet Equity in 2023

A year of learning and success

Providing equitable toilet access for those without,
in service of community and environmental health

4 toilets installed
3 locations
and 3 more on their way!

Maria Chacon

Terri Chinn

Rachel Greene

Bill Hilty

Mike Leudtke

Wendy Metzger

Jada Mulford

Rebecca Mullen

Aidan Padyk

Paul Padyk

David Pettit

Kaitlin Pettit

Logan Pettit

Avery Pope

Volunteer Hours

Clare Pyles

Francis Raley

Randall Reitz

Ben Rogness

Brandon Ross

Anne Schudy

Judy Shehane

Lisa Smith

Braydon Sondrol

Kathryn Spangler

Scott Spangler

Roney Tanner

Kelly Thompson

3 Granting Agencies

Rocky Mountain Health Foundation
Special thanks to board members Chuck Breaux, MD, Paula Lopez, DO, and Terry Chase, MA, ND, RN

Western Colorado Community Fund

St. Mary's Hospital Foundation

31 Individual Donors

Paul Padyk
Terri Chinn
Carl Fernandez
Kelly Thompson
Blazin' Brooms
Timberline Bank
Linda Mendenhall
Chris Bazzoli
Avery Pope
Mike Luedtke
Mary Weigel
Mariah Weigel

Bill Hilty
David Pettit
John Gribben
Jean Sandhofer
Chuck Breaux
Randall Reitz
Thomas Betts
Aidan Padyk
Kari Sewell
Kaitlin Pettit
Susan Smith
Penny Crom & Chris Mroz

and 4 anonymous donors

Over $1000
in in-kind
donations from our business partners

High Desert Equestrian Center

Lincoln Woodworks

Rebecca Mullen Coaching, LLC

Riverside Education Center

Sawmill Unlimited

This year we also...
Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 3.55.34 PM

Developed use-education materials

2023-10-06 2' high pile

Continued growing our compost pile

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 2.48.28 PM

Built partnerships in our community


Recovered quickly from a fire

IMG_4459 copy

Designed three new options for our toilets

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 4.50.43 PM

Developed a host program to work with local businesses

"[Toilet Equity toilets] are a sustainable answer to a perpetual issue. We hope that some of our long term interventions will diminish the challenges of housing for some of our neighbors but there will probably always be a houseless population.... Having a long term sanitation solution is a wise investment." 

Unitarian Universalist Church,
Grand Junction, CO

"The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Grand Valley is honored to be one of the first locations supporting the Toilet Equity program and hosting one of their first toilets. We fully support the program, and its mission and commitment, to supporting the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and providing a green solution for the environment."

-Rev. Wendy Jones,
Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Grand Valley

Thank you to all of our volunteers, donors, and supporters
who made our success this year possible. 

We are very excited to continue working with you in 2024
to continue providing equitable toilet access for those without,
in service of community and environmental health.

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This annual report was approved by the Board of Toilet Equity on January 22, 2024.

Toilet Equity Board of Directors
Paul Padyk, Chair
Mike Luedtke, Chair-Elect
Terri Chinn, Treasurer
Avery Pope, Secretary
Bill Hilty
Randall Reitz
Kelly Thompson

Toilet Equity Employees
Kaitlin Pettit, CEO
Wendy Metzger, Project Manager

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